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STEM Academy Open House Presentation - November 2022

Walton STEM Academy's Guiding Principles


Engage Inspire Empower



Foster student curiosity in science, technology, math, and engineering, to cultivate joy in learning and build the confidence to engage as ethical leaders capable of addressing the world’s most significant issues.


Statements of Purpose

·       To develop strong interpersonal, communication, research, and technical skills necessary to compete in an ever changing global society.

·       To establish high academic, social, and ethical expectations.

·       To foster mastery of both knowledge and skills utilizing innovative resources and authentic experiences.

·       To collaborate and cooperate locally and globally within the STEM community.

·       To build partnerships with community stakeholders which will strengthen our program and enhance the lives of our students.

Three Pathways




Advanced Math & Science

9th & 10th Grade Travel Opportunity to Panama
11th & 12th Grade Travel Opportunity to Europe
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